Lotto Honesty

By now you have visited other sites claiming they can give you the winning lottery numbers for a price. If you did give their “system” a chance and tried their suggestions, how did it work for you?

Everyone wants to win the lottery and never have to work another day in their life! And, unfortunately, because it’s such a dream, many people are easily drawn in by flashy promises and guarantees, such as….


    You will see this a lot with other websites who claim they have an inside tip on numbers. But really, how did they get on the inside? And why haven’t the lottery officials discovered this loophole? This can’t be legal, right? Right.

  • Lucky Numbers

    Many people have spent their lives playing numbers with a significance to them. We all have lucky numbers, the ones you see everywhere. Sometimes it’s a birthday, an anniversary date, or your childhood house number. Unfortunately, there’s no such luck with those numbers.

  • Lottery Calendar

    What does a calendar really have to do with lottery numbers? It doesn’t. At least they know what month and day it is. Other than that, they’re not going to be helpful to you at all.

  • Lottery Almanac

    It’s just history.


    There are no sequence of operations to win the lottery (if so everyone would win). If you stumble upon a website claiming to share winning numbers with you based on a lottery algorithm or formula, leave that site immediately. There is no such formula.


    Yes, even with a degree, winning is not promised. This is touted as a mystical relationship between certain numbers and life events. Again, it’s similar to your lucky numbers or playing your child’s birthday every day. It just won’t work.


    Don’t waste your money on other websites claiming to have innovative new lottery software. Unfortunately, it’s easy to be pulled in by this one, but there is lottery software companies out there guaranteeing to help you choose winning numbers. It just doesn’t exist.

These are just a few of the catch phrases which can capture your eye and pull you in, but it’s just grazing the surface

No product or service can guarantee Pick 3 or any other lottery wins

  • It should be against the law for those that do so.
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